Tuesday, August 7, 2007


Meet the youngest in our family: Benjamin "Ben-ha-bean" Clyde Knifong. His nickname has evolved from the spanish pronunciation to Hogen's re-interpretation which has stuck. He is quite the character. I'm afraid to see how much character our next child has! Ben is so adorable you will find me kissing him most of the day. I think he has a complex about this. He knows he's cute because I just can't help expressing his edibleness (made that one up)!! He can run now, which looks like a cross between bouncing and waddling. He is my messiest eater too. Most meals have been chewed up and spit out and then thrown on the floor. He gets in trouble for this when we are paying attention, which is not very often. He really does get oodles of attention. Whenever I bring him downstairs after sleeping all the kids come running over to him calling out their pet name for him and smothering him with affection. Hogen is the most affectionate and the most liable to suffocate him. Ben's current obsession is tractors "da-dough" and sitting on our lawn mower (which he thinks is a tractor). His other defining quality is his temper. Man alive, he will let you know when he's upset! I've never had a child with such a stubborn will. That's our biggest area of training at the moment.We are all in love with our littlest "Bean".

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Tricia Swift said...

he such a little dolly! I wanna eat him!