Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Celebrating 14 Years!

Today was our 14 year wedding anniversary. We watched the end of the solar eclipse early this morning and danced in the moonlight on our back porch before he went to work. Tonight we left the children with the grandparents and headed down to the river for Jason to fly fish while I just relaxed. For dinner we went to the beautiful "Riverview" restaurant overlooking the Sandy River. Jason had an angus steak and I had the "Seafood Tower" (skewered prawns in coconut curry peanut sauce with sauteed vegetables and mashed potatoes)...YUMMY! I had to embarrass him by having our picture taken by our waiter. (Ya know, for my blog of course!)We were so stuffed we couldn't even LOOK at the desserts. He even gave me a card...ahhh. This past year has been the best year ever. Mainly, I have to say, because Jason has changed SO much (understatement!)!! He has given up his passion for sports and filled it with a passion for God's Word which promises to transform you. He jokes that I have "put up with him" for another year. But honestly, it is SO easy to live with him now. We really love and enjoy one another and he has finally become my soul mate!! Thank you LORD!


the other Kristi said...

Congratulations Kristi! God is faithful. It's been a joy to read through your blog after Dyana shared it with me. Enjoy these moments! Blessings, the other Kristi

Dyana Coose said...

Congratulations dear friends!

IvanPW said...

Hi! It's nice to know that people are still living true and be happy :) Your blog inspire me a lot - about happiness and celebration having family so happy and so devoted to God. You are a true role model to me, to live another day with nothing but be thankful to God that has given my family and I chances to live well and thrive. Congrats on your 14th anniversary and God bless you and your family!