Monday, August 20, 2007


Jaime Lyn had violin concert last night. It was a smashing success! Her new teacher, Miss Elizabeth Knopp, accompanied her and played duet. Everyone was so impressed with all 17 songs she has memorized in her Suzuki Book 1. It was a huge accomplishment for her and we couldn't be more proud!

Great Grandma Morris and Grandma Pam made it into town an hour before the performance. They just got home from 3 weeks in Santa Barbara at an alternative cancer treatment center. It was SO good to see them again!

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Dianne said...

Jamie Lyn did an exceptional job and it was a joy to hear her.
I took violin, when I was in middle school and never got close to the perfection of her playing last night.
Keep-up the great work Jamie Lyn and God Bless your talent. You truely make "...make a joyful noise onto the Lord!"
Love to you,
Aunt Dianne