Friday, September 14, 2007

Brie Ella's 8!

For the record, we need to recount Brie Ella's special day. I made homemade blackberry pancakes (they BEAT blueberry, give it a try!), she opened presents and got a horse stable from Nana & Papa.
We went to visit her favorite horse Delight. She didn't have to do school but played with her new toys until piano lessons. After piano lessons we stayed to play tag with the Strang children while I visited with their mother. We raced home at 4 to get dinner going for the family party at 5. Fortunately I had made the cornmeal berrry cake earlier in the day and had pre-chopped all the ingredients for the enchiladas. Preston's family, Trisha's family and my sister Kim's family came for dinner. It was a beautiful evening and the children had a great time running around the farm and jumping on the trampoline. Thanks to all who made it a wonderful day for her!

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Tricia Swift said...

we had fun as always! thanks for the great food!