Sunday, September 30, 2007

Cider Squeeze

It's a girl's weekend with Daddy and Hogen hunting in Eastern Oregon for deer. We've cuddled up and watched "Little Women", bought fabric and stuff, and went to the annual Cider Squeeze at Philip Foster Farm in Eagle Creek (a few miles from our house.
At the Cider Squeeze you can use their presses to squeeze your own cider with your apples or theirs. It's a messy affair and we've done it before, so we just enjoyed the rest of the festival. We watched a man carving a totem pole, a blacksmith making square nails, we got an education about the first sewing machine and spinning wheels too. It's just a great atmosphere, like stepping back in time. Everyone thought the girls volunteered there because they were dressed in the time period.

Doing the wash, the old fashioned way!

While the boys are away the girls will play!

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