Friday, September 21, 2007

Tea & Company

Yesterday we spent the day at my friend Dyana Coose's lovely home in Washougal. (It's for sale if you know anyone interested in a beautiful 4 bed/3 bath home on 2.4 acres!) We have been friends now for 5 years! We met at Bible Study Fellowship (BSF, which the girls and I are starting up again next excited, more on that later) and the Lord has knit our hearts together over the years of having babies and homeschooling. We trade off visiting at one an other's homes every month (because it's 88 miles round trip)and serve lunch and tea while the children play their hearts out. She has an 8 year old, Sarah, and a 4 year old, Thomas. She is a woman of the Word, an extensive world traveler, a devoted friend and a talented home-maker. I talk about her a lot, but nobody ever gets to meet her because of where she lives, so here's a picture of Dyana and her homestead before she moves to Boise (boo-hoo!).

Dyana & her new cat Oscar.

This is the creek that runs right in front of their house!

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the other Kristi said...

I too am blessed to be on the receiving end of a wonderful friendship with Dyana! Isn't God good to bring these friendships into our lives to strengthen, encourage, and sharpen us on our journey towards heaven??!! Thank you for showing her beautiful home, creek and all. I am thrilled to have her near for a while here in Idaho!