Sunday, November 25, 2007


We hosted our second Thanksgiving meal with my side of the family. Everything went great! I cooked a 22 pound turkey and did the gravy, cornbread muffins and curried fruit (recipe next). My parents, brother and grandparents drove down from Seattle. We stuffed ourselves, the girls played their instruments, we visited and ended the day with bubbles.
Rearranged the furniture to fit a long table.

Papa (my Dad) and Ben
Great Grandpa (90 years old) and Ben.
Blowing bubbles in the kitchen.

The next morning, according to 34 years of tradition, we cut down our Christmas trees. Oh yes, even on November 23rd!! Trees cost $12 a foot for U-cut in Seattle, whereas it's $4/foot here. What a deal! We always join hands and sing "Jingle Bells" while we dance around the tree before cutting it down. The kids love it!

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