Thursday, December 6, 2007


OK, I must be nesting or something. Actually, I think I'm just feeling claustrophobic and needing some elbow room with all the Christmas decorations up. The thought of more things coming into our home (gifts) and nothing exiting will drive me nuts! Also, we're adding another person to our family in a few months and with her comes her wardrobe. So yesterday, today and tomorrow, I've been ruthlessly ridding our home of CLOTHES more than anything else. It's amazing how much excess we've got stocked away! I'm keeping a bin of clothes in good shape for every size and age and sex (because you just never know) and either donating them to Frontier Missions (located in Troutdale right between Marine Drive and the Hwy) or selling them at a re-sale shop. I've never sold anything at a re-sale shop, it hasn't seemed worth the effort. But I've got LOTS of nice stuff people have lent me for the boys that we're done with. Tomorrow I'm hitting the TOYS and excess KITCHEN APPLIANCES...Oh, and I've been selling books on Ebay for the first time! I'll sell the other stuff on Craigslist. Anybody want a bread machine???

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Kristy said...

Uh oh......she's nesting!
Want some help?
I'm doing my own crazy-adoption-nesting-of-sorts over here too.....
but we'll take a break and join you in your nesting craze ;o)!
I'll be calling!!