Monday, January 28, 2008

Snowed In

Back yard sledding run.

Yesterday it snowed 8 inches and overnight another 3! Jason went to work in our 4 wheel drive, but the rest of us are snowed in for the day. The children have already been sledding twice. It is just so beautiful out there! I'm so glad that God created snow...wouldn't it be weird if it was red or yellow? I wish I could go out there and enjoy it, but I have been hobbling around and I shouldn't risk slipping and falling!


Tricia Swift said...

hey if the snow stays around maybe I will come by tomorrow! are you guys healthy yet? I'll call first! love ya

Kristi Kronz said...

Kristi - we ordered the Pineapple Story Series at your recommendation and we have not been disappointed! Thank you for sharing this delightful and inspiring resource.
The other Kristi