Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Wonderful Missionary Stories!

I purchased "The Pineapple Story Series" for my family for Christmas from a recommendation by our missionary friends in Zambia. They said they were "life changing" and so I figured $26 was a cheap way to change our lives. They were not joking! It's a set of 15 stories on like 10 CD's from a retired missionary to Papua New Guinea. He is SOOOOO funny and charming to listen to and his stories of how God worked in spite of him will blow you away! Stories of faith, trust, surrender, money, miracles....We love them, my older children love them, so I had to share about it with you. "Mom, can we listen to a pineapple story?" (Age interest: 8+, but most relevant for adults.)
Purchase a set here.


Jenne said...

Kristi -
Will you please comment to the age-appropriateness of the CDs? I am thinking of getting this as a birthday gift for two girls turning 7 and 5.

lindsay edmonds said...

I remember this set! We had it growing up as well and loved it. Powerful story!