Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Heart of the Home

Tonight I hosted our church's "Heart of the Home" meeting. I've been hosting it once a month for the last 2 years and tonight was my last time for a while as we add another baby to our family. It has been such a joy to do it and tonight was no exception. The meeting consists of the older "wiser" women speaking on a variety of topics for us younger women to glean from. We fellowship, learn and then break into groups of 4 to pray for one another. It is a sweet time for all of us. This year we've learned about homeschooling with toddlers, favorite books, holiday traditions, child training and tonight: loving our husbands. What a blessing to have older women who are willing to share from their experiences to bless us all. Tonight 8 of them brought me meals to keep in my freezer for when the baby comes. What a blessing! I was SO surprised! They also want to throw me a church baby shower next Saturday! I am overwhelmed with their love and support. I just LOVE these precious women! I hope you have someone to be mentored by and if you are older..grab someone younger than you and pass on your wisdom!

Some thoughts from our meeting:
Meditate on how much God loves you. It is impossible to love if you do not feel loved yourself. Don't look to your husband to fill this need. Our hearts are so big, only God can fill them with enough love to overflowing.

Dwell on the positive attributes of your husband. Write down what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent & praisworthy about him. This exercise will change your attitude towards him. (We all did this and it was very helpful!)

Remember to be thankful and not critical. Complaining is another word for not trusting in God's goodness. If you find yourself nit-picking him than it's time to step back and think of all the things you can be thankful for.

Do you know your husband's love language? Maybe you've forgotten to speak it for a while? If you don't know what it is, ask him what you could do differently that would make YOU the ideal wife for him (if you're brave enough to ask such a question!) They are: 1. words of affirmation 2. quality time 3. gifts 4. acts of service 5. physical touch....Typically we try to love others in the language that speaks to us. Remember to love him in all these areas, but find our what REALLY makes him feel loved (and you won't be sorry).

Think ahead to Valentine's Day and start planning what you will do for him. Don't do for him what means the most to you, but what would speak love to him. Write down a note of thankfulness to him and what you admire about him. Don't procrastinate! Outdo one another in showing love. Don't think Valentine's Day is all about what he can do for you. Don't set up unrealistic expectations. Be proactive and be the best lover of your man that you can the glory of God! Loving your husband is the greatest ministry you could possibly accomplish. You have been hand picked by God to love this man more than anyone else in the world. So do a DARN GOOD JOB OF IT!! (Can you tell I've been inspired tonight!?)

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