Monday, February 11, 2008

Scheduled Delivery Date

We've got the baby's delivery date set for Feb 19th. I'm going into the hospital that afternoon to be induced. Everything is looking really good! With the hospital an hour away and my husband on the opposite side of town, being step B positive and needing antibiotics, the fact that I have very fast deliveries AND it's baby #5...I'm going to be induced. (This will be my 3rd induction.) So please be in prayer for me next Tuesday that everything will go smoothly. The girls are going to be there for the delivery too!


Jenne said...

I have been thinking about you very often and will especially be thinking of you next Tuesday. There is something wonderful in how God places women who are close to deliver on the minds and hearts of other women. I love taking so many additional opportunities to pray for you!

Kristy said...

We will be here to meet little Miss Knifong!

Katy said...

Wishing you an easy delivery and love and happiness on this blessed day! :)