Tuesday, March 11, 2008

3 Weeks Old Already

See my dimples?

Time is just flying by! She's gaining a half pound a week and is almost out of her newborn clothes. Everybody is doing really well with her. Jason hurt his back getting firewood and Jaime Lyn is very fatigued after recovering from a bad cough that flared up her asthma. No one is sick thank goodness and Mary Beth is very healthy and happy.


Kristy said...

She is just perfect, Kristi !

Tricia Swift said...

finaly I get to see those dimples!! little swetty!

Kristi said...

Hi Kristi, it's Kristi McKenney how are you? I read your blog all the time (although I've never commented) and I just wanted to say how beautiful Mary Beth is! I also just thought of you because I know you have chickens and I'm looking for more (I have 5 currently) and wondered if you maybe had some that you were wanting to sell..I know this is a weird place to ask, but I didn't see your email address anywhere. Hope you have a great day..You can email me at oneluckygirl@gmail.com. Thanks Kristi!