Monday, March 24, 2008

Celebrating Passover

Our church hosted a Passover meal on Saturday night. Jason and the girls went and I stayed home sick with the boys and baby. They had the best time! A family from our church who lived in Israel for 3 years explained all the traditions of the Passover meal and how all the symbolism points to Jesus as the promised Messiah. Everyone ate a HUGE potluck dinner with all the trimmings (except pork and yeast) before learning some Hebrew dances. The girls came back bursting with excitement. They just loved it!
One funny story: Carlos and I had been joking about putting wine in his grape juice bottle to bring to the meal. Instead he brought a wine bottle and put grape juice in it. You should have seen the look on people's faces when he poured his little girls their 4 glasses of "wine" and they chugged them!! He got the reaction he was looking for!

The dinner.

One of the plates with a lamb bone and the other herbs used during the meal.

Everybody dancing!

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