Thursday, April 24, 2008

The 'Pineapple Man'

Saturday night we had the privilege of meeting Otto Koning, missionary to Papua New Guinea and author of the Pineapple Story (our favorite missionary stories, see my "favorite resources" for more info). He spoke on "The Gaze and a Glance". We are to glance at our cares, look (notice) the world and its' needs but GAZE at God. When we GAZE at God and all his attributes he provides for our cares and gives power to reach the world. It was a faith building talk on how BIG our God is. It was so cool for the girls to meet one of their favorite missionary heroes too!


Leigh Ann said...

We love that story around here, too. As a matter of fact, pineapples have been on sale the last few weeks, so we've had a couple fresh ones & pulled the story out to read while we ate. Such a good one!!

My husband & I knew Otto's son (Otto)& daughter-in-law (Johanna). They, too, are missionaries. Neat family!

Rick in N.H. said...

A few years ago, for Christmas, my sister game me a a complete set of his tapes. I have to admit that the themes and issues Otto dealt with had a huge impact on my life in Christ. Still do...

One of the more poignant realities I learned was that I am only a steward of God's provision and do not have a right to be offended, fearful, proud, etc. As soon as I released these things to Him, I overcame them.

I am going through the complete set again and I praise God that I have a resource like these tapes to feed on every so often.

Today, I revere God more than ever and am more vigilant to see Him moving in every circumstance of my life.

Thank you Otto for being a flawed individual like me, but learning as you went through life. I have learned much from a great man of God and I intend to share it with everyone I meet...

Great blog site.

Be blessed...

Rick Scott
Pembroke NH