Saturday, May 3, 2008

Pray for Jaime Lyn

My sweet 10 year old has mononucleosis. She has been very tired, with swollen glands and no appetite. She has to lay low for a week or two. She's only contagious through saliva "the kissing disease". Pray for her immune system to get built back up!


Strangfamily said...

Oh poor Jaime Lyn! We will pray for speedy recovery!
Love and hugs in Jesus,
The Strangs

Borbe Bunch said...

I will pray for your daughter, sorry to read that she is sick...not fun.
I also want to leave a comment about what you wrote about in regards to blogging...I am thankful for your open, sharing heart in what you write...I have been blessed by you and your family! It is so encouraging to read about a fellow mom seeking God in ministering to her family, viewing her role as a blessing and an honor...I enjoy your blog, so please keep it up :) I also am very blessed by the links you have to sermons, they are right on and I love to be encouraged!

Angie Tolpin said...

We are praying for Jaime Lyn! Kelsey says to tell her that she hopes she feels better soon!

We love you jaime lyn!