Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Teaching Theology to a 3 Year Old

We go to a church that believes it is the father's responsibility to be the priest, protector and provider of his home. That means there's no Sunday school or youth group to send our children to be discipled by someone else. The responsibility rests squarely on my husband's shoulders and it has made him rise to the occasion! As his helper I do what I can during the day and then at night he's in the driver's seat to teach and train them in the instruction of the Lord. This takes place formally at the dinner table and practically the rest of the day. I started to go through "Leading Little Ones To God" during breakfast. I went through it with the girls when they were little and now it's time to teach theology to Hogen. I think this book is without equal in teaching complex thoughts in a simple way. We follow each chapter by listening to "Why Can't I See God?" CD by Judy Rogers. Here are the lyrics to the title song. All of the other songs on the CD answer all the questions mentioned in this first song. It's a great way to cement these important truths into their little hearts. I highly recommend it for the 2-8 year old.

Why Can't I See God?

Why can't I see God? Is He watching me?
Is He somewhere out in space, or is He here with me?
I am just a child; Teach me from His Word…
Then I’ll go and tell to all the great things I have heard!

Teach me while my heart is tender;
Tell me all that I should know
And even through the years I will remember
No matter where I go!

Can I talk to God? Does He hear my prayer?
Will He answer when I pray? Does He really care?
Did God make the world? What's the Trinity?
Is there something God can't do?
Tell these things to me.

Teach me while my heart is tender;
Tell me all that I should know
And even through the years I will remember
No matter where I go!

The next book I want to go through with the children is My ABC Bible Verses by Susan Hunt. A wonderful family in our church (the Winslows) used this and memorized 26 verses that start with each letter of the alphabet. They are really great verses to know by heart. It's never too early to teach our children. Remember Timothy was "taught the Scriptures from infancy". I encourage you to find something and start today.

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Kristi Kronz said...

Those are both wonderful books Kristi. I've used both of them with all of my children. "Leading Little One's to God" needn't be just for little ones ... my teenager has gotten something out of it as well (as have I!!).
Hands down my pick for children is the "Children's Story Bible" by Catherine Vos. It is a work of literature and incredibly accurate. We are nearly complete with our first time through it (we read it at the breakfast table). I know many people balk at reading anything other than the Bible itself -- I understand their concerns. However, this story Bible is not your typical dumbed down version of only the favorite stories. It is a beautiful work that we've thoroughly enjoyed. Blessings,