Monday, June 2, 2008

Get a Discount!

Just a reminder to register for the Oregon Homeschool Conference and Curriculum Fair at the Oregon Convention Center June 20 & 21st. If you register by June 4th you save $10 off of the $60 fee. Spouses are free. As my husband was telling a friend yesterday, "It's worth $60 just to hear Voddie Baucham speak 1 time! If you could only make it to one session and if only one of you could make it, make sure your husband hears Voddie speak in person! We both believe that the most successful homeschool is one that is run by the father's vision and passion. A lot of times the wife goes off to the homeschool functions alone and this should not be! Make an investment in your family and go this year! You will NOT be disappointed!!

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