Saturday, June 14, 2008

Little Talker

Mary Beth is starting to communicate with lots of cute coos and goos. We all adore her!


Ellie said...

I was so bummed I missed seeing the little cutie at the used curriculum sale last Tuesday. : ( She's so adorable!

Congrats to the girls on their recitals! I still have yet to hear you play, Jamie Lyn. : )


Dawn said...

Great pictures! They made my day today! :-)

God Bless You!

Angie Tolpin said...

So cute! She is growing so fast!

annacoumos said...

Hi! I love reading your blogs every week. I learn so much from you! I wanted to tell you I made your bread recipe twice so far, both times it has turned out so yummy. I have to be careful not to eat the whole loaf in one day!! (self discipline...self discipline!!)
I am also making home made yogurt. When I go home in August, I want to get some milk powder to make the yogurt thicker. It is creamy but runny. I eat it, and also give it to 2 of our children who are sick and malnourished, to boost their immune systems!
Your blog is being enjoyed all the way in Mozambique! Thanks for sharing everything.