Sunday, June 8, 2008

No More Headaches

Jaime Lyn went down to Eugene this past week to visit with osteopath, Dr. Benjamin Bell. An osteopath is someone who specializes in cranial secral massage therapy. He slowly moves the bones in the head into their proper places. If you suffer from TMJ, headaches, carsickness, reading problems, autism and all sorts of other things an osteopath could really help. Jaime Lyn has been suffering from headaches and at the age of 10 this is not normal. He said that due to her birth experience (being sucked out using the "vacuum") the plates in her skull have not been positioned correctly and after 2 one hour massage sessions she should be headache free! He also said that it should improve her reading abliity and carsickness too. Dr. Bell is the best around! Next month I will take her back for her last visit and have him adjust Mary Beth too. (If you work on a baby when they are little they shouldn't need another appointment.) It is all very facinating and too complicated to explain here. Look into it if it sounds interesting to you.

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