Thursday, July 31, 2008

Eggs Anyone?

We have had a very successful year in raising 40 new chickens. Although it has cost us $650 thus far to purchase the chicks and FEED them ($27/week!) they are now producing beautiful eggs! I'm telling you, just like store bought food is no comparison to home grown, so it is with eggs. Eggs produced on a massive scale for market do not come from chickens pasturing out in the open field. Our chickens live a charmed life! They are protected from predators each night inside our barn. They are fed and watered fresh each morning and evening. They have 3 acres (our entire farm) to roam and eat at their leisure. We have to put up with land mines all over the place, but it's a small price to pay to have healthy chicken eggs.
Let us know if your family would be interested in supporting our egg enterprise. Give us a try and you'll never want anything else! $4/dozen, $6/18 count. Email me,, to set up a time for pick up.

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