Thursday, July 24, 2008

Pray for Baby Miller

Please be in prayer for my sister-in-love, Regina Miller, who just found out her soon to be born baby is either downs or dwarf. She is 32 weeks along but measuring 40 weeks due to too much amniotic fluid. Pray she will be able to carry the baby as long as possible. All vital organs are working fine. She is on bed rest and I hear they are accepting God's plan with great attitudes...praise the LORD. In times like this we have to remember that God is good and that He's in control of everything. He's in the business of making us holy, not necessarily happy. Trials not only test our faith in Him, but chisel us into the image of His beloved Son, Jesus. Lord, we trust you even now.

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Ginger said...

Hi Kristi,
We will be praying for Regina and her family and this new little one.

I had a couple of questions for you about your bread. Do you use the wet blade or the dry blade on your vitamixer when you process the wheat? Also do you put your gluten and salt into the warm water mix or just put them in the mixer? Or does it matter? If you get a minute, could you e-mail me? chirgies at msn dot com. Thank you for the recipe! We've got a loaf about to go into the oven, and can't wait to see how it turns out!