Saturday, September 13, 2008

Count Your Blessings

Sometimes life can get very trying with so many things to get done. I can start to get a pitiful attitude about it all. Thanksgiving is the fastest way to cure myself from this sickness. Just look at these cutie pies! Looking at their pictures makes me want to stand up, brush myself off and PRAISE GOD for all He's blessed me with!! I'm currently reading "Unveiled at Last" by Bob Sjogren and I'm learning so much about God's top priorities as revealed in the entirety of the Scriptures. He wants to bless us (primarily through what Jesus has accomplished on the cross to bring us into unity and favor with God) and then he wants us to be a blessing to the nations. When I survey all the blessings I have received (spiritual & physical) I just about want to burst out of my skin to tell the world about Him! There are so many broken, lost, hurting people who have no hope in this life or the one to come. Sjogren encourages churches to stop focusing primarily on "bless me, bless me" and to balance out our priorities to match God's. Why shouldn't 50% of our time, money & energy be poured into "being a blessing"? It's easy to look at the church and criticize it for not being more outwardly focused toward the community and the world, but what about my own life? The church is made up of individuals, who make up families who make up the church. If you want to see a change, be the change. My greatest blessings are the 5 children I have the privilege to train up to go into the world and shine their lights of hope to a hurting world.I want to see our family making a difference in the world. That's one big reason why we educate our children at home even though it appears to go in the opposite direction of that goal. We need to be different enough to have something to offer the world. Yes, we are very diligently protecting them as we prepare them, but when they are strong and ready they will start to soar and fly all over this world (literally!) That's also why we are studying missions this year in our homeschooling. In order to help, we need to be familiar with the needs of the world. How have you been blessed? What are the world's needs? How can you meet those needs? It all starts by counting your blessings. You too will become so thankful that you'll want to be a blessing.


Jenne said...

Thank you for such a timely and wonderful reminder of how blessed I am. I will count my blessings today in particular!


Kristi- I just want you to know that my family & I have been blessed by you and your family. The kids love to come out to play with the kids and see the chickens. That is nourishing their soul. The wonderful eggs, apples and pears are nourishing our bodies so we can be healthy to be an example for those who do not know the Lord. I really appreciate your blog for the inspiration it gives me. You are always so kind, that can be a rarity in this world at this time. Thank you!

Tricia Swift said...

I to have had many thoughts and talks with God about this subject. we have been reading a lot of the New Testament and that stands out so much! you are a great encouragment to me. thanks for spending time with us, you are a blessing to our family. love you!

Kristy said...

Two words: