Friday, October 17, 2008

Our First Customer!

Today I changed our pricing to make it more family friendly. We are requiring a $100deposit if you want to pay installments of $75 May-Oct or if you pay it all at once you get a $50 discount. Well, not 2 hours after doing this, a gentleman in Milwaukie paid the $500 for a full share of our farm! We're very excited to be officially in business!
This weekend we'll be building more raised beds in our greenhouse as well as planting a rye grass cover crop to till in as green manure in the spring.
Last night we took some pictures of Dolan Creek Farm. They just processed their first batch of turkeys. The one pictured from the freezer is 32 pounds! They kept a couple just for show and he struts around the driveway to greet you. It was fun to be at their farm and dream about the future of it with them. They want to see us living there someday to keep it going in the right direction. What a place!
This is Chris & Kirk Welling who own Dolan Creek Farm. We're going into business with them!
This is the farm house at Dolan Creek where they live.
One of the Tom's that survived. Ain't he a beauty!
Chris' work of art!
A view of the pasture and fields...115 acres!


Julia said...

Kristi, it's beautiful! What a wonderful idea -- and I love the shares idea. I wish we lived closer to be able to enjoy your hard work! Did I read it's all organically grown too? What a deal! Keep up the good work!
Love, Julia

Jenn said...

Acutally, he REALLY IS a beauty...what fluffy light looking feathers.

What a beautiful farm & adventure: congrats!!!