Tuesday, December 23, 2008


After temperatures in the teens last week, we have been buried in over 2 feet of snow! Sunday we had 3 families over to have "sled church" which included 2 hours of sledding off our back porch and then worship after a shared meal. Very fun! Our power was out for 11 hours yesterday and came on right after the children went to bed. We opened 4 days worth of backed up mail, including lots of cute Christmas cards, by candlelight. Jason took care of most everything yesterday to give me a day off. I finished another book, "Is That Really You God? Hearing the Voice of God" by Loren Cunningham, the founder of YWAM. It was really helpful with all the decisions we've got ahead of us. We sipped tea, ate soup and toast off the fireplace...all without power. It was so quiet and peaceful. Ahhh..I love snow.


Ann Dunagan said...

I'm glad you enjoyed "Is That Really You God?" That's one of my favorite mission books, especially for people who are earnestly seeking the Lord's will and His direction. He is your Shepherd and your Guide, and it's wonderful to know that He wants to impart to you His wisdom and guidance concerning your future. I know that as you seek Him, He will show you the specific steps He wants you to make.

Your home sure looks Christmas-y! Have a wonderful week with your family as we all remember Christ's birth and all that He has done for us!

Blessings to you!

Kristy said...

Such sweet pictures. Such a special time with everyone. Lets do it again!! ;o)