Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Getting Ready

The latest news around here is that Mary Beth is weaned and very content with her bottle AND we have completed our missionary application with Action International. It took us over a month to complete it (hey, the holidays were happening) but we finished and handed it over to Action at the missions conference! We had to answer 6 pages of personal questions plus 20 doctrinal statements we had to write with Scripture references. We did it!!
Today we got our itinerary for the days we'll be in Zambia. We'll be staying 2 nights with the Allens, 2 nights with the directors (Hiltys), 2 nights at Ciyanjano (where we would eventually live) and the last night with the Allens. We will be visiting all the ministries they do as well as eating dinner each night with a different couple on the team. On Saturday we will meet the Zambian board of directors and Sunday we'll go to a (lively) church service. I can't wait!

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Lori Jackson said...

I will really be thinking of you and praying for you during these days. What are the dates again?