Tuesday, February 3, 2009

10 Hours in Amsterdam

We had a wonderful flight to Amsterdam with a very empty plane. I got to sleep quite a bit which will help with jet lag. We ventured into downtown Amsterdam to see the Vincent Von Gogh Museum which was excellent. It was really strange to be in such an international scene with so many languages all around us. The canals and old architeture were charming but the city was rather dreary and in a word "creepy" to both of us. The airport there was terrible because they had NO WHERE to lay down and rest. We packed ourselves onto a totally full plane to head to Nairobi Kenya. By the time we reached Kenya the trip was feeling very long. I can't imagine taking children on this long a trip..yikes! But we made it! (Sorry, photos won't upload right now..but will try later.)

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Jenne said...

We spent about 10 hours at the Amsterdam airport once, too. My sentiments, exactly!! My biggest memory there is eating a WAY gross Burger King burger (I needed protein SO BADLY...I was pregnant but did not know it).