Friday, February 6, 2009

Community Schools

Hello everyone! Today I could tell you were praying for me because I was SO tired and I felt on the verge of getting sick all day, but held up. I just woke up from a much needed nap! This morning we went to visit a community school located in the middle of a compound called "Streams of Living Water". Action has joined with the church there to build a school for grades Pre through 7th. We walked into each classroom and all the students would rise and say "Good morning sir, how are you?" The 1st graders sang songs for us and I got some adorable video of it. When I pulled out my camera 52 children came running from their seats shouting and screaming to have their picture taken. I was mobbed! It was so fun! I learned not to do that so I wouldn't disturb their classes.
The church meets in a patched up shack of a building with falling apart wooden benches. The pastor, Ernest, has a lot of responsibility. They cook beans and sheema for all the children for lunch everyday because for some it is the only food they receive. The children love to learn and have a safe place to be all day. It was beautiful to see this school in action.
Etta came and we walked through the compound to one of the mothers of a pupil who has HIV. She has 4 little children and lives in an 8x8 room. We came in and sat on her bed and heard her story (translated by Etta) about her sickness and her hunger. It was not acceptable or helpful for us to give her anything during our visit. We were told to give to the church and have the church help her. But I did ask if I could pray for her and she agreed even though she understood nothing I said. I laid my hands on her skinny hands and prayed for this dear suffering woman. It was very very humbling to be there and to know that this is her life, everyday struggling to just survive and what will happen to her 4 children when she dies?
For lunch we were taken to the Zebra Cafe to discuss what our budget would look like if we were to live here. It is another sobering aspect of ministry here but where God guides he also provides. If this is His will, He will make all the finances happen.
After all this I was totally blitzed out of my mind with fatigue. I took a good nap and feel much better. Mary Beth has had a stomach flu back home, so please pray for her to recover and start sleeping in until at least 7 every morning.
Tomorrow we will go before the Zambian board of directors and be interviewed by them. I'm a little intimidated by this if you can imagine. Please pray that we would be given the words to say and good questions to ask them. Help them to have discernment about whether we would be a good fit for this ministry.
We will be spending the weekend out at Ciyanjano so I will not be able to blog from there. They have plans to do a bonfire on Sunday night with some African drummers and singing in our honor. Can't wait!!


Brenda said...

Kristi, it is wonderful to read your blog posts and to be able to pray for you!! Blessings to you! I will pray that Mary Beth gets better. The sickness thing is going around. Blah!

Carrie said...

We'll be praying!

Jenne said...

Oh Kristi! I am so enjoying following this journey you and Jason are on. It is so exciting. I finished your rec a few days ago and it was a truly humbling experience to do it. Thanks for the opportunity. As I was completing the various questions it lead me to reflect more deeply on you and your preparedness for this opportunity. It is amazing where the Lord has lead you in these past 5 years. In my view (since I have only known you 5 years or so), it all started when you allowed the Lord to direct the size of your family... and from there it has just continued in the most amazing fashion as you homeschooled your kids, and have become proficient in so many "Laura Ingalls" tasks like sewing the girls' dresses and baking your own bread daily. And I can only imagine how he has been preparing your heart for this as well. The Lord has been preparing you, and he will continue to do so when you return home, and if/when you make the big move!! May the Lord continue to direct your path strongly so you have complete clarity in each footfall.