Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Home Sick

Please pray for me as you go to sleep and I wake up (at 3 am!) that I would adjust to this new reality of being SO far from my children but having this amazing opportunity to experience Zambia. After a sticky night's sleep I woke up and the reality of it all hit me hard. After throwing up, I feel good enough to post to let you all know what's going on so you can continue to pray for us! (Wow I feel much better now!) Everyone here has been so fantastic and there's nothing to complain about except being without my little ones. It's also totally overwhelming at times to think that this might become our life. It's like landing on another planet and think about making it your home. It was so weird to drive around with Meagan (photo of her with a caterpiller that fell from a tree)
yesterday and see her interacting with everyone on the road, speaking the language, telling us about it all. It made me realize how MUCH we have to learn if we live here...basically everything! Just getting into the car (with the steering wheel on the other side and driving through town is enough to paralyze me!! So, I'm trying to take it all in and not get overwhelmed. So pray for that too! It's just CRAZY that I'm really here!!!!
Today (when everyone else wakes up) we'll be going to see Steve & Tracy (an older man on the team) teach on Ephesians to the pastors in their 3 year training program. So to summarize please pray for:
Ability to connect deeply with the Lord so I can rely on His strength and wisdom. With all the sleep deprivation it's hard to concentrate.
Peace of mind, not becoming overwhelmed.
Peace of heart living with my children on the other side of the world
Continued good health and sleep

PS Due to the time difference you can expect to see new posts in the mornings. We are 10 hours ahead of you.


Dyana said...

You are in my thoughts and prayers throughout the day!

Love you dear one... God is Here and There and will take care of you and your little ones. He is amazing and completely capable...

May your time be a blessing and an opportunity to create and gain a vision with your husband for the future God has in store for you. It is so amazing for me to imagine that you are both doing this!

With empathy and love :)


Jenne said...

These first night away was the hardest for me, too, when we went away for 15 days without our kids (to Sweden). Its like a punch in the gut. But then the pain passes and you start enjoying the days more. I will be praying for you!