Monday, February 16, 2009

Something Small That YOU Can Do

I can't stop thinking about the people we met in Zambia as well as the needs. I thought I would let you know of one that maybe God would lay on your heart to meet.

NIV Study Bibles for pastors. (Or any other version of study Bible.)(When I walked into the Pastor's training class with my Bible one of them said "You must be good Christian woman, have BIG Bible!" How embarrassing! I just have an NIV Study Bible and they do not. If you have one laying around because you like a different version give it to a pastor! You could also purchase on on Amazon or ask your friends if they have an extra. The Huckaby's pastor, Pete, is going to Zambia in another month. Email me for his address and you can send one directly to him. Shipping to Zambia is OUTRAGEOUS so this is a prime opportunity!

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