Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Here to Stay

We've got big news to share...we're staying put! We came to the decision not to move to Zambia. It has taken us a long time to sort out our thoughts and feelings about this opportunity. At first we thought our uneasiness was fear and we worked through all that but still we had no peace. With orientation coming upon us next week we talked to our elders, fasted and prayed and came to the conclusion that this is just not for us. We feel so relieved!! Of course it is hard, especially for Jaime Lyn, to let the dream die, but we know where God wants us and we're happy that it is HERE!
Thank you for walking through this with us. We have learned a lot about missions, about ourselves and about God. We laid it all on the alter and He has told us to take it back up again. This was not what we were expecting would happen, but we are not disappointed to be told to stay. I have a very clear word from God to be content and faithful to the tasks at hand, namely to love and care for my family for this season of my life. This is a high calling and it is good enough for me! And you have my permission to be happy for us!


Dana said...

Don't ever doubt you are not already a missionary: doing things differently, relying on Gods provision, and sharing about him to all those around you. Your just choosing to not be a missionary in Africa.


Jenne said...

Wow! I am surprised - but not in a disappointed way. I am happy that you have peace and joy in His answer. Perhaps this experience has prepared you for something else coming later.

Anonymous said...

Wow, thank you for sharing this! I am glad we get to be neighbors a little longer:) Hope to see you soon. God is so good and His plan is perfect for your family!

Kristy said...

Wow. I too, am excited to see where He's going to 'move' your hearts next!
We just went through our own experience, only to be told a huge 'No' - but's it's all good. We will wait until He moves us again!
(hint: think adoption)

Lori Jackson said...

Wow, I am surprised, but I am sure it is good to feel at peace. I really thought about how this would change things for your family and how you love being a mom. It is good that the Lord gave you peace. That is the most important thing. Regardless of what anyone else thinks. I am sure there are lots of people who are glad you are staying there. We are behind you wherever you are!