Friday, September 18, 2009

Catching Up

Sorry for the lack of posts, this is a productive time of year around here! In the last month we celebrated our 16th wedding anniversary at The Rendezvous, went to the State Fair and our annual family camp at Camp Morrow, celebrated Brie Ella's 10th birthday at Cannon Beach & with a campfire s'more party the night before. (She got a full size keyboard for her birthday!) We've dried close to 100 pounds of plums and made yummy fruit leather with pears added in.
Home education never stops around here, but we have picked up a few new interests including: studying and celebrating the Biblical feasts of Israel (tomorrow is the Jewish New Year "Rosh Hashana" which we are celebrating tonight...more on that later), the human body (Jaime Lyn wants to memorize all the bones & muscles..a big task), reading and discussing Pilgrims Progress and Brie Ella is becoming our resident baker with lots of yummy practice! My job is to keep this hub of activity running smoothly and efficiently with as little squabbles and scraps as possible! Being available to settle disputes, pray for a forgiving heart and exhort to staying on task is not a small job. I love seeing them learn and grow and change right before my eyes. On the first day of school I was praising God as we picked plums together that I have the freedom to keep them home with me. Thank you Lord!!

Some snapshots to enjoy....

Celebrating a birthday with the Garveys & Rory, Dysingers & Wells.

A day at Cannon Beach in honor of Brie Ella. Very special.

Camp Morrow memories: making uncle Alex's famous bisquits for 100 people!

Ben found his home at the State Fair.

Cousin Colton helped dig up potatoes.

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