Friday, October 30, 2009

Welcome to the Farm

Here is a poem by Brie Ella I found and had to share. It's very idealistic but it's from her heart and I think it's sweet.

Welcome to the farm where hens cluck happily, roosters crow merrily and rabbits hop around joyfully.
Welcome to the farm where children are happy and everybody lives in harmony.
Welcome to the farm where birds chirp merrily and honk in the nearby pond.
Welcome to a joyful place where everything is fun!
Welcome to the farm where beautiful flowers grow and bloom, everything is beautiful, and everyone has a job.
Welcome to the farm where everything is peaceful and everyone is happy.
Crying is not allowed and neither is fighting.
Welcome to our farm!


Dyana said...

I always feel that way when I am there with you all...

Beautiful Poem :)

Our growing family said...

I'm a friend of brendas and I found you through her blog...I love how we are likeminded, so I am going to follow your blog-just wanted to introduce myself!