Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Put This On Your Wishlist!!

This is SOOOOOOO good!!! I've been listening to these 9 CD's of Victoria Botkin in my car and LOVING it! If you ask for anything for Christmas, or if you get some spending money, spend it wisely on this set of messages. I thoroughly respect this woman and value everything she says. I've been so blessed!

"Listen to Victoria discuss subjects like woman’s great power, sinful tendencies, independence vs. submission, beauty, dress, makeup, respect, women’s rights, hospitality, pitfalls of perfectionism in homemaking, Hollywood expectations, trials, trust, and cultivating personality. Throughout, she responds to questions and answers from women."

(It's currently 30% off right now at Vision Forum with $5 shipping.)

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Shiloh Strang said...

I love Mrs. Botkin's products!