Friday, January 13, 2012

What it's Like to Have a Baby with Down Syndrome

In two words: blessed delight.
I used to be afraid of having a baby with Down Syndrome. I'm ashamed to say I thought I should probably stop having children when I reached 40 because I might have a baby with this "defect". (I had her just after turning 37.) Praise God He knows better than I do what is best for me!
Do you believe that?
Do you believe that God knows what is best for you?
If you do, than why be afraid about anything that might happen to you?
God is in control.
God doesn't make mistakes and any baby is never a mistake. It is only our preconceived ideas about what is good that causes all these anxieties.

Babies are good; whatever form or shape or time they come.
God made Charlotte and he put her in our family. She is our gift and God has given us the grace to accept the gift with joy. I had to get over my expectations for what my sixth child would be like. I had to grieve the death of my dreams for her.
But God is not grieved by what He did and neither am I anymore. I had to get on the same page with God and realize that this was His perfect plan for her and for us. That takes faith, but God gives you the faith you need when you need it! Within 24 hours of her birth, my husband I snapped out of our pity party. We got some sleep and lots of grace and we accepted the plan.
I laugh at myself now that I ever was sad about having a baby with DS. She is such a delight to all of us! I don't feel one bit sorry she's ours. In fact, if she died, I would want another baby just like her.

Sometimes it's challenging to know if she's healthy or progressing because I can't compare her to what I've experienced with my other children. When we talk about the future we imagine "Auntie Charlotte" visiting her siblings to play with her nieces and nephews. She will be the aunt that is forever young at heart and so much fun. Jason and I think of her as our constant companion for the future and take comfort in knowing we won't be alone and neither will she when we get older.

Who cares if she never gets a job or goes to college or gets married or has children? Do those things validate your existence? Are you loved because of what you can accomplish or because you exist. You are valuable because you were created and God saw fit to create you for Himself.
Are you still trying to validate your existence by what you do? Let it go. Look up right now and smile and say "thank you God for making me!"

I am a firm believer that God doesn't make mistakes. You aren't a mistake and neither are children born with an extra chromosome. I am super-duper blessed!


Dyana said...

Thank you for sharing your heart...I do empathize with your thoughts on this subject...

God knows what He is doing and we need only trust in His plan for our lives (and the lives of our children)...and not our own...In our weakness... HE is strong!

Charlotte is a wonderful Blessing and her life will reflect God's love in a powerful and profound way...It will be amazing to see how God uses her in her sweet life to Glorify Himself.

Amy said...

You don't know me, but I found your blog via a friend's facebook post a few weeks ago. Just wanted to thank you for the encouraging, Christ-centered posts you write. I can tell what you write is heart-felt and I truly appreciate your transparency. You've been a huge blessing to my afternoons here in mom-land! Thank you!! :-)

Kristi Kronz said...

So, so appreciate these words Kristi. God is faithful. What a wonderful testimony of His love and work in your heart and lives.
Blessings to you and to Charlotte this day,

Anonymous said...

Beautifully said! She is a darling, sweet girl.

Angie Tolpin said...

Love you! So glad you had Char~Char, we all love her!

Kristi Knifong said...

Thank you friends for your encouraging comments!