Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Planning for a Successful Summer

School is almost out and all my kiddos will be home full-time again! They're only young and impressionable for such a short period of time and this is the time to really be purposeful; while the cement is still wet! So I've been thinking and planning for a successful summer. First, I thought about the subjects they haven't had time to focus on during the busy school year as well as the subjects they need to strengthen. Then I devised a plan to motivate them to do it and I wrote it all down. Are you ready to hear what we're gonna do?? I'm calling it "Give Me 10".

1. Read a chapter from the Bible
2. Outdoor work 30 min.
3. Indoor chores (assigned monthly)
(then Breakfast)
4. Math*
5. Journaling
6. Typing practice
7. Playing with the youngest sibling 30 min.
8. Reading 30 min.*
9. Exercise 30 min.
10. Check-in with Mom
(then Lunch)


*For Reading I have a list of age appropriate, great books from

Instead of being paid an allowance I'm paying them to do some of these things they aren't thrilled about. That's how to motivate my boys!

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