Monday, May 8, 2017


I'm so excited to have been asked by my mentor and friend, Ann Dunagan of Mission-Minded Families, to co-host a new workshop! We are calling it Your CLARITY Day and it will be a 4 hour workshop at the Holiday Inn in Troutdale from 1-5pm on Friday, June 30th. Here's some of what we will be covering....

Time for a new adventure! Feeling restless in your soul? Need to clarify your vision for how God can use your life to build his kingdom? Find encouragement to dream new dreams. Be exposed to ministry opportunities around the world. Get materials that will help you evaluate your purpose and priorities.

Discover your PASSION
Do LESS (but be more strategic)
Live by Faith, not FEAR
Gain momentum and VISION

Finally start moving forward -- with balance, joy and CLARITY -- toward those God-given dreams in your heart!

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