Sunday, July 29, 2007

Birthday Boy

Saturday, July 28th my first son officially turned 3. We spent the morning picking blueberries upon his request and then visited "Baki" alias "Grandpa" on his farm for a John Deere ride around the farm. After naps we drove to Vancouver to my sister's new house to have a party with my parents (who drove down from Kirkland) and Aunt Dianne. Dianne showered Hogen with all sorts of John Deere things; socks, placemat, blanket, shirt and of course a couple tractors. Kim & Kris gave him a construction truck which was such a big hit he didn't want to open any other gifts. I took a great tantrum picture of Benjamin when he wasn't getting his way. It was a great evening and the girls finished it off by swimming in their hot tub.

OK, this is ridiculous, my sister is 23 weeks and I'm only 10!

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