Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My Husband the HERO

I'm not being cheesy here, just honest. My husband helped save someones life this weekend! He was on a men's retreat with friends when the story begins.He and 8 other guys were doing some really stupid stuff like jumping through a 60 foot waterfall into turbulent waters when he noticed a woman in a raft screaming above the din of the waterfall. There were 2 men floating face down in the water and one of them was in the process of sinking to the bottom when Jason jumped in to help. It took 9 men to keep this guy from sinking and get him to the edge. The pool was 9 feet deep and so they would take turns pushing off the bottom and lifting him up until he got to the edge where they drug him up onto dry ground. The waters were swirling in a very dangerous whirlpool during this episode. When they got him up on the bank he was blue and his eyes were bulging out of his head and rolled backwards. Jason said he was totally unconscious and was still clutching his glasses in his hand! Later they found out from his wife that he did not know how to swim. If Jason had tried to save him even with one other man they wouldn't have been able to save him and they might have died in the process. They found a pulse on his neck and he was barely breathing with his lungs full of water. A volunteer firefighter took over and turned him on his side while water poured out of his mouth and nose. Within an hour the paramedics where there and he was sitting up, totally unaware of what had just happened. Jason said he will never forget the experience and the sight of him all blue. The rest of the retreat was kind of anti-climactic after that. He was completely exhausted from the rush of adrenalin as you can imagine. It was awesome to know that if he hadn't been there at that time this man might be dead today. Whoa!! Isn't my husband heroic? I think so and that's all that matters to him. I also think he's foolish to be doing such dangerous things with 4 children and a pregnant wife at home, but he came home safe and sound, so I'm happy.

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