Friday, August 3, 2007

Meet Rory & Jenna

I finally remembered to take a picture of Rory so you could put a face with the name. We met Rory and her daughter Jenna at our church Mt. Hood Household of Faith back in April. It is amazing how in so little time they have become like family to us! God has knit our hearts together so that we genuinely care about one another. I took this picture when they stopped by on Monday night because Jenna had just passed her driving test and received her license!! (We LOVE it when people stop by, but nobody does! HINT. HINT.) Rory has a very difficult life, but she still finds humor and things to smile about. I think she is hilarious and I love her honesty. A year and a half ago she became paralyzed from the bra line down due to a horrid staff infection. Her life completely changed (understatement). Can you even imagine how hard that would be?? What is even more amazing is that she can walk even though she can't feel her legs because she has the faith that they are there to hold her up. Amazing! Her beautiful 17 year old daughter Jenna was home schooled until her mother's accident and just completed her junior year at Sandy High. She plays the flute, karate, works at the library and is a total sweetheart. Well, now you know our great friends Rory & Jenna!

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