Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Hospital or Home?

OK, I know I'm getting REALLY controversial now! I NEVER thought I would say this but we have decided to have our 5th baby at home! Isn't that so granola? It's so NOT me! I am used to having my babies TOTALLY in control, being induced, getting an epidural etc. This time I just want to trust God and His timing and not interfere. This is a LEAP of faith, not just a step for us! The fact that Jason is supportive of the idea is confirmation that it is God's will. He and I have always felt that having a baby at home is foolish and unwise. We have met lots of families who LOVE home birth and swear by it, so out of curiosity, we're going for it! We will be using 2 certified nurse midwives who own a company called A Gentle Beginning and they've been doing this for 29 years! One thing I love about it is THEY COME TO ME for ALL my appointments! YEAH! No finding babysitters and waiting in offices for the doctor to FINALLY show up. I know you probably think we are making a big mistake, and maybe you will be right. But hey, I'm the one who has to do all the work and feel all the pain! All in all, I'm sure it will be an experience we'll never forget.


Tricia Swift said...

wow you are granola!! joke! I think hey it's #5 and the rest have all come out quick so you go girl! one thing is for sure, it will hurt but not for long! are gonna let your kids watch? what a big memory that will be!

Dyana Coose said...

God is Faithful! I can't wait to hear the story :)

Chelsea said...

Awesome! I think you will accually enjoy it! I loved the natural birth of Jimmy. I would do it again at home in my own environment. When your mind is ready for the challenge, you can do it! Hugs!!