Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Mighty Hunters Return!

The conquest is over and my two mighty hunters returned tonight with a buck. The older hunter stumbled into the house ready to crawl into bed. The young one (3) came bouncing (literally) into the house talking a mile a minute about the whole adventure! "We saw a deer and Daddy shot it and then Daddy cut it open and then we hung it up!" I guess the sight of death and blood didn't phase him a bit. He was talking like such a grown up about the whole thing. Poor Daddy got little sleep making sure his son was warm in the back of the truck where they cuddled together in sleeping bags in the 28 degree weather. Hogen slept just fine. He and his other 3 year old cousin, Jackson, just had a great time looking for deer in the back of the truck. Hogen brought his "gun" (a toy cowboy pistol) and Jackson only had a "stick gun" but Hogen shared. I have to wait for Grandma to return to get a picture on here. Poor Daddy has to work a 10 hour day tomarrow! Sleep tight Daddy!

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