Saturday, October 6, 2007

Full Friday

Yesterday we packed in quite a lot! We drove downtown for Jason to get his yellow fever shot. I took the kids to Trader Joes (don't you just love that place?!) which I never get to do. I also stopped at St. Honore Boulangerie (bakery in French) my most favorite little French bakery in NW Portland. (Thanks Allison for the introduction!) It's like stepping into Paris and they have real chocolate mochas that are out of this world! Anyways, we then visited Nash and Kora's studio apartment in the Pearl for lunch.

We rushed home to give the boys a nap and get ready for the Von Gunten family to come over for dinner. They just had their 7th child 2 months ago and he was almost 11 pounds (17 days late)! She has had her last 2 babies with the same midwives I'm using for my home birth. We had a great evening of sharing hunting stories. They both shot a bucks this week, she shot a 5 point black tail and it was her first time shooting a gun! What a story!! Their children are wonderful and our children had a great time last night. She and her daughters made an amazing pear crisp with no sugar, just maple syrup. When I get the recipe from her I'll share it!! Oh, and Benjamin turned one and a half yesterday!

Here's a picture of him with his "Bee-bah" (Bible) which he asks for when we read our Bibles together every morning and night. Too cute!

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