Monday, October 15, 2007

A Poem by Brie Ella

O Come to the Farm
What do you see when you visit our farm?
You see chickens clucking on the sweet smelling grass and the bunny sitting in a nest.
We pick up the chickens and let you pet them.
We all collect eggs and take them to the house.
We go hold the bunny and pet her soft furr.
We tell you her name. "Her name is Flopsy" we say.
We run in the field and pick daisies and play in the creek.
The cool water trickles through your toes,
mud oozes on your feet.
We run up out of the creek into the field to the walnut tree.
We all have a turn on the swing.
We feed the chickens.
O come visit the farm.
The end.

by Brie Ella Knifong, age 8

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