Friday, November 9, 2007

Another Day in Paradise

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The Pastor's Conference.

At the medical clinic (saw 340 people in one day with 100 decisions for Christ!)

Everyone always wants to see their picture on the digital camera.

Those were Jason's first words to me today. There wasn't enough room for him and 2 friends to join a group going to the schools so they ended up hanging out in town with children, playing soccer, bartering at the market. I think it was good for them to have some "down time". In the afternoon they visited the pastor's conference and were very encouraged by what they saw. At the first of 3 Opit festivals,
This is Opit life.
a little 5 year old boy attached himself to J. He said he had the sweetest smile and he was so cute and friendly. Most children just want something from you, but this little boy just wanted to be with Jason. When the festival ended and he had to board the bus it was very hard to leave him behind. "I could have taken him home with me."
Tomorrow (beginning at 8pm tonight our time) he will get on the early bus to help the medical team all day. It should be a very long and tiring day. Pray for health and stamina for this team that has seen an average of 250 people a day. Sunday he will go to another church service and a festival at night. I will talk to him again Sunday night (Sunday at 11am our time). Keep praying for the team, they are getting tired, but God works most powerfully through our weakness.
These are the guys my husband has worked with the most: Jason Ward (left) and Brian White (right).

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