Saturday, November 10, 2007

You'll Never Believe This

You just never know what a day holds on this trip. Jason ended up scrubbing open wounds for 4 hours straight. If you know my husband you would know how TOTALLY out of his comfort zone this is!! And you know what he said about it? You would think he would say "it was SO gross!" or "I wanted to vomit at the sight of it all" but NO, he said "it was the most amazing experience!" He told his friends that his wife wasn't going to believe he did this. I just laughed because it's just hilarious to me how dramatically Jesus has changed his life. It's like I'm married to a new man! After the scrubbing he went to the university to sit in on a Bible study with medical students. Then he went to the radio station instead of the festival. He was interviewed with 2 other team members LIVE to 5 million listeners!! They had no idea how to prepare for this or what topic the host would ask them about. The topic ended up being about Christian people having pre-marital sex. One of the guys he was with had struggled with this before he married his wife and Jason got to share our story of purity by God's grace and how worth the wait it was. Isn't that cool! He dropped into bed at tired!
I talked with him before he headed out to a church service in the bush. Who knows what today will hold? Tonight is the last festival they will do. Pray for no rain and a large audience from Opit.

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Strangfamily said...

Wonderful post, Kristi and Jason!! May the LORD continue to bless Jason on this trip!
The Strangs