Sunday, November 11, 2007

Grand Finale

Today was the team's last day of planned activities. They all went to various churches to preach and share and then to their last festival at Opit. Jason got to walk through the entire camp handing out glow bracelets and inviting people to the festival. They had a large turn out and no rain, answered prayer! While J was at the festival he had to go pee. He went out into the bush to find a place and afterwards heard a man yelling at him. The man wanted him to follow him and he did. He took him to his hut and Jason began to talk with him about why he was in Uganda. The man said he knew about Jesus but he didn't know him as his Savior and God. He asked Jason to pray with him to become a follower of Jesus! After they prayed Jason said the man treated him like his best friend! He had his wives fix him food and he ate with them on the dirt floor and had the greatest time. Jason stopped hearing the noise of the festival and thought they might have left him behind so he had to leave quickly. He said it was his "grand finale in Africa!"
Tomorrow they drive all day to Murchison Falls National Park and on Tuesday they will take a short safari trip before heading to the airport. He will be home Wednesday night at 7pm!!
The Murchison Falls they will visit Monday.
Examples of God's creation they will see on Tuesday!

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Anna Marie said...

Wow, what an amazing experience this must have been. Thank you for posting and allowing us to be a part of it. I will pray for his return!