Friday, November 16, 2007


Jason is adjusting excellently! He went to work today, rising at 4:30am to head downtown. We are thankful there is a job waiting for him to come back to. We had a great time hearing his stories last night and looking at his 400 pictures!! Here are just a few that highlight special people and experiences that are precious to him.
Santo, the pastor of Tegot Atto.
The men of Tegot Atto making mud bricks for their church building. (Seeing men at work is a rare sight!)
This is "Boils" who Jason wanted to take home with him.
This is the family Jason ate dinner with after he led the husband (behind Jason) to the Lord (his 7 wives are in the picture.)
Walking through Opit handing out glow necklaces and inviting people to the festival.

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Pom Pom said...

So cool! My husband and son just returned from Uganda! They enjoyed some sweet communion with passionate people who possess hearts for the lost. I love your blog!