Thursday, November 15, 2007

Safe and Sound!

Daddy's home safe and he's sound asleep! After 3 days of traveling with 3 hours of sleep I don't know when he'd wake up, but he got out of bed at 7:30am! It was so much fun to greet him at the airport with all the families being reunited. The Dysingers, the Garveys and the Knopps also came from our church to welcome him home. He was totally shocked that people came just for him. I had to force him to go to bed last night, he could have stayed up until late showing me his pictures and telling stories. This morning he opened his bag and gave us all outfits, the boys drums and the girls a carved set of African animals sitting on chairs at a table having a tea party! It's the perfect thing. Today we will spend together and tonight Jason's family is coming over to hear his stories. It's so good to have him home!


Kristy said...

Woo hoo !!
We so wanted to be there last night! So glad he's home.
Blessings ~

Kim and Kris said...

Can't wait to hear all about everything. You guys all look so festive and happy in your African garb. So glad to hear that he is safe with his brood...hopefully he can get back on our time schedule quickly. It has been amazing to follow Kristi's journaling of the trip and see all the pictures. We will continue to pray for him as he transitions back to life on the farm, and in Oregon. Love to all of you. We will call with any "special" announcements, when there is one. Love, Kim