Thursday, November 1, 2007

Halloween Tradition

Three years ago, when we moved out to Sandy, we decided to start a new tradition with our friends the Dysingers (who also had just moved here). We picked a restaurant that is fun for the kids "Calamity Jane's" (they make like 50 different kinds of hamburgers in an "old west" atmosphere) and then we go home and make carmel apples. This year we added another family (the Gunderson's) and worship to our evening. It was SO FUN! It's so special to have a tradition. I don't know why? I guess we are creatures of habit and it just feels special. Here are some pics of the evening.
The children did dress up and go to the retirement center nearby for their Halloween party. There were only a few children who came, and it made our "old friends" so happy to see them dressed up. It will have to be part of our tradition too.

Outside Calamity Jane's before dinner.

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